BCEmail 2010 -- Business Cloud Email Service Just $ 36.00 per mailbox/year

Advanced Message Service for Anyone

It is about your own Centralized Message and Document Database on the Internet. With any thin clients (e.g., Web-based Interface) or thick clients (e.g., MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird), you are able to access this single cloud database at anytime from anywhere in the world.

BCEmail offers full spam and virus protection, instant mail delivery, gigabytes of storage, the ability to send huge attachments, and a full-featured Web-based Interface. Whether you are in office or on the road, you are able to access information from a desk or laptop computer, mobile phone, or PDA. It is a secured, reliable, high performance, and low-cost message service tailored specifically for the needs of business people.

Thin client is a web based application, most of its computing is processed done on the server side.

Thick client is a computer program installed on a personal computer. It is still connected to a server but most of the processing done on the client side.

Webmail Screenshot
BCEmail Service includes industry-standard POP, IMAP, and webmail accesses.

Key Features:

  • Disk space per mailbox is initially 2 GB and available for up to 50 GB in the 2GB increment;
  • It supports POP3 and IMAP accesses, while Web-based Interface accesses to full features;
  • Each message can be sent with a maximum attachment size up to 25MB;
  • Use your domain and email addresses, while we can offer convenient email addresses for you;
  • It is instant delivery. Nobody wants e-mail downtime that lost revenue, lost productivity, or both.
  • We offer Enterprise class security, spam and virus protection and performance;
  • No IT staff or management needed;
  • Immediate signup and activation;

Service Oriented Characteristics

Anti-spam and virus filtering

A spam and virus firewall with content filtering component acts as a gateway to protect message infrastructure from message threats using the latest scanning technology that updated every 5 minutes.

The following diagram describes the Message Protection Component Stack.

Archive messages

BCEmail has a complete and affordable message archiving component, let you effectively to index and preserve all messages. Archiving means moving messages to a pre-definite folder, you are able to organize hundreds of folders and sub folders.

Use Mail Alias and Mail Filter combination to define in order to automatically handle incoming messages to archive to various folders.

Compliant Archiving, If you need to comply with government regulations, you can store and backup messages in your folders, or even in another mailbox.

BCEmail features: Archive messages
Make Backup Automatically
Mail Archiving is a way to back up your important messages. BCEmail's back up component is beyond of that, first messages will be delivered to a cache directory and then wrote to INBOX to ensure reliable delivery, two all messages will make automatically backup daily keeping your messages in existing status, any message won't get lost at anytime, unless you delete it.
BCEmail features: Message Data Center Diagram
Manage your contacts
BCEmail's Address Book component on Web-based Interface is where you add, group, manage, and delete contact information. It supports drag and drop contacts. You can also send messages to a contact directly from within the Contact Details pane.
BCEmail features: Contact management
File Storage
You can use BCEmail File Storage component via Web-Interface (Webmail) to store and share up to 2000 files as long as you don't exceed your total allowed space quota. You can create up to 100 folders, including subfolders, with up to 1000 files in any one folder.

You can upload any type of file as long as you don't exceed your total space quota. You can upload data files such as Word, Excel, and PDF, as well as photos and videos.

You can share a file with friends or customers by marking the file as shared, then let people to know about your file by posting the file's location via email, website, blog, twitter, and etc.

BCEmail features: File management
Integrated Calendar and Reminder
Calendars allow you easily to identify an event, a meeting or an appointment, that you want to schedule. You can set an event reminder, invite people to an event, share your calendar with someone else, search or subscribe for an external calendar.
BCEmail features: Calendar and Reminder
Integrated RSS Feeds
The RSS Feeds component allows you to view news or content feeds to which you've subscribed. You can select a feed from the RSS catalogue or enter the URL for a specific site from which you want to receive content.
BCEmail features: Rss Feeds
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