Who Are We?

We are an experienced SaaS provider delivering secured online business solutions reliably and cost-effectively.

We recognize that the main purpose of a data center is running the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. Since 1999, we committed to providing the best online business applications in several highest level data centers, to small and mid sized companies both in the US and around the world.

As an experienced SaaS vendor, we are able to deliver secured, reliable and cost-effective on-demand business solutions. Those are furnished with user-specific application configuration settings, can be accessed from various client devices through a thin client interface such as a web browser.

Policies and Procedures

Maintaining a great relationship with our customers is the most important thing we do.

We want our customers to be fully informed of their rights and obligations in connection with their use of the Internet, as well as our rights and obligations as a provider of Internet services.

Therefore, We hope our customers understand our various policies and procedures.


Please review the sections below.

Email Acceptable Use Policy

Supplements and explains certain terms of each customers' respective service agreement and is intended as a guide to the customers' rights and obligations when utilizing our services.

Email Mass Mailing Policy

BCEmail does not support outbound mass mailing as a standard offering. As common practice we have a daily limit to sending mail to large number recipients. Customers can send a request to lift the restriction for a temporary period of time.