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How Do We Do It, You Ask?

Google Gmail Service

Google Gmail
  • Gmail is a good service.
  • You have accounts within Google.
  • Google technical team supports you behind.

BCEmail Service

BCEmail Service
  • BCEmail is a good service.
  • You have accounts standing out independently on the Internet.
  • BCEmail technical team supports you behind.

Service Oriented Characteristics

  1. Anti-spam and virus filtering
    With BCEmail accounts, you take off load the difficult and time consuming task of managing spam and viruses. We also offer a standalone email filtering service that works with your existing email service.
  2. Archive messages
    BCEmail has a complete and affordable messages archiving solution that is able you to effectively index and preserve all messages. You can organize hundreds of folders/subfolders. Use Mail Aliases and Mail Flters to define in order to automatically handle incoming messages to archive to various folders. Archiving provides everything an organization needs to comply with government regulations even in your lifetime.
  3. Make Backup Automatically
    Mail Archiving can be a way to back up your important messages. Archiving means moving messages to a pre-definite folder, but BCEmail's back up component is beyond of that; first messages will be delivered to a cache directory and then wrote to INBOX to ensure reliable delivery, two all messages will make automatically backup daily keeping your messages in existing status, any message won't get lost at anytime, unless you delete it.
  4. Manage your contacts
    BCEmail's Address Book component on Web-based Interface is where you add, group, manage, and delete contact information. It supports drag and drop contacts. You can also send messages to a contact directly from within the Contact Details pane.
  5. Integrated Calendar and Reminder
    Calendars allow you easily to identify an event that is a meeting or an appointment you want to schedule. You can set an event reminder, invite people to an event, share your calendar with someone else, search or subscribe for external calendar.
  6. Integrated RSS Feeds
    The RSS Feeds component allows you to view news or content feeds to which you've subscribed. You can select a feed from the RSS catalogue or enter the URL for a specific site from which you want to receive content.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Reliability
    Highest level Data center The main purpose of a data center is running applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. BCEmail is housed in a Tier IV highest level data center that composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths. It furnished with redundant components, is fault-tolerant and providing 99.995% availability.
  • Performance
    High Performance BCEmail data center is furnished with redundancy of multiple G fiber optic Ethernet connections, powerful virtualized servers, and latest load balancers, to keep high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality.


  • Scalability
    High Scalability There's no volume commitment. Pay only for what you use on a per-mailbox basis. BCEmail has ability to grow to several millions of accounts with all the associated storage, email scanning required and supporting an ever-increasing rate of transactions per second.
  • Virtualization
    Virtualization Server virtualization technology allows for ease of management in upgrading the environment's components, and in adding additional capacity.


BCEmail cloud service takes full advantage of being service oriented with a focus on four concepts.

  • Cross borders, i.e., there is no physical location (e.g., country, state, or data center) restriction.
  • Low coupling, relations or programs work together closely but do not rely on each other;
  • Modularity, system components may be separated and recombined.;
  • Semantically interoperability, computer systems communicate information and have that information correctly interpreted by each other in the same sense as intended.